How does it work?

  • You rent your property to us for up to five years and let us take care of everything.
  • We pay you an agreed rent every month based on the condition, location and number of bedrooms.
  • We pay all utilities and council tax along with a cleaner 2x per month and a gardener (if applicable).
  • We put our professional tenants into the house. We manage all tenant queries and we pay for any general maintenance issues.
  • At the end of 5 years you get your property back, usually in better condition than at the start, or you can continue to rent to us.
  • At any time during the contract we would love to look into purchasing your property if you are interested in selling

Call us now to find out what we pay per month for properties like yours. The rent we agree with you is what you get, every month. We don’t charge you any management fees!

We appreciate your time and consideration of our offer. We are currently looking for properties in the Your City area so if you are interested in learning about how we can rent your property for up to five years then please contact us as soon as possible.